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Thread: Newsgroups?

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    This is a n00b question.

    I know how to setup newsgroups in Outlook but I can't find any. Like could I have news.antionline.com? Or somthing to do with security etc?

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    I don't use Outlook, but there should be a option like "subscribe to newsgroups" or similar. Have you set up your account correctly? It's usually starts with news..., like news.online.com. Check with your ISP. Some of the ISPs require authentication, my ISP require the news-readers to log on from a specific range of IP-adresses, which means I can only read news from home. Perhaps that is your problem? Again, check with you ISP.

    And the newsgroups are not named news.antionline.com and the like. They're called stuff like alt.computer.security, no.it.programming.c++, microsoft.public.sqlserver.administration, that sort of names...

    And by the way, I found 141 newsgroups that were related to security....

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    Well, go to http://www.faqs.org/faqs/by-newsgroup/ and search for security or hack , it will list a large list of newsgroups for you.
    Good luck
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