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Thread: Help with linux networking...

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    Unhappy Help with linux networking...

    i am currently using redhat 7.3. my dsl was working fine, until i reboot due to some upgrades. now the status of my dsl appears in the "network configuration" to be "Active", but it is NOT connected with the internet, i can't either use the web broswer or connect to the redhat network... anyone can help me out?

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    check your ifconfig on the card, and your gateway.
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    More info, please. What did you upgrade, and what kind of DSL modem do you have?

    Try opening a terminal window as root and type adsl-setup. Give it the information it asks for, then try adsl-start. The modem lights should flash, and it should say "Connected!" If not, it will say "Timed Out!" If the modem lights don't flash, your system isn't seeing the modem for some reason. If they flash but the connection still times out, there's a problem with either the PPP protocol (most likely a module) or your login.
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