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Thread: Ascii555@antionline.com

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    Dear Ao community,

    I speak on behalf of Ascii555,

    Ascii555 has been baneed for AO, virtually over two posts. one was a tutorial in which he explained the base convertions. it wasnt his writting but in his posts he did say that it was written by someone else. the second post was asking AOwhy there was a *pain in the ass* banner coming up. for both posts he got flamed and within half a day he was banned.

    i will probably get flamed for this but i think that you should give Ascii555 a second chance. im sure that if you explain to him he will not do anything stupid again. send him an email and unban him. you were all newbies too once upon a time and you probably made a few mistakes in which you have asked for forgiveness. after all what makes you guys all so judgemental. i only say this in support of newbies and i which it is garanteed they will make mistakes and they should be forgiven once or twice.



    P.s. this will be my last post as i am leaving AO. please honour my request

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    He cannot be unbanned. He can set up a new account and read the faq and behave, but he can't be unbanned. The system isn't designed that way. If you look at the faq for the tutorial forum, you will see that it is for "original tutorials" Not someone else's writing. And as far as the *pain in the ass* banner, well, thats probably because he was calling the site a *pain in the ass*. If it took 1/2 day for him to be banned, he had plenty of time to delete his posts.

    BTW, telling people you are leaving AO is a bad thing, and an excellent way to get negative points....
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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