my name's angus from switzerland..
im a student on informatiks,..
C++ is my favourite, assembler and java are my basics..
befor it was turbo pascal, and nemonic code..
dont have experience with viris and stuff..
cracking.. my favourite, but im not pretty good.. maybe to stupid
im interested in music.. weve got our own band.. gothic industrial.. so i play and produce it..
i was involved once under an other name in a paradoxproject.. cubase 5.4

im also interested in security..*thats why im here* but now, i only can decode algorithms, and going thrue webboards.. thats all.. i like to raise my knowledge in administrating websites you know and change something on them..

so in someways, im a newbie, in someother ways i know a littlebit how it works..
i dont take it to serious.. because i know many people who think they are gurus, and pc, www are the biggest and most interesting thing in the world.. so for me, its not that worthy..
my english sucks, so please forgive me..

i like to talk about cracking, but please hold on to ask me about C++ and stuff.. i like it to teach something to others, but i think, its better to teach yourself and search and find stuff yourself.. its hard, but for me its the best way..
so im not an egoistic human, and dont wonna share informations.. thats not the point... hope you know what i want to say..

nice day...
and cheers to preacher..