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    Post help

    need some sub-topics for a term paper on viruses. any help would be appreciated. thanx
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    I don't know exactly what you want but you can obtain some general info on Antivirus sites like http://www.symantec.com .
    Or maybe on http://www.virusbtn.com/

    You should search exactly what you want on Google.
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    but pls tell me what are the subtopics.. in your term.. hehehehee
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    Polymorphic virus programming?

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    Alrighty then ... there now are four threads that you started, where you ask the same question over and over again. You have basicly gotten the same answers too, over and over again. Maybe you should change your tactics...

    Two observations:
    The number of posts you have made according to your information-bar on the left is three, while there are four in your profile (??)

    None of the other three threads appear in the 'similar thread' feature ...
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    Virii is a pretty large topic. You have different virus types, bootsector viruses, dos viruses, w32 viruses etc... You have anti-virus techniques with regular scan strings, wildcard scanning, heuristics and integrity checking. You can go into the different techniques that viruses uses, interrupt hooking, infecting DLL, polymorphic, encrypting and a few metamorphic viruses out there. My point being virii is a large subject, you may want to narrow it down or not.

    A good source information that most people don't know about is at http://peterszor.com. Peter is one of the topic experts in the field. Hope this helps...

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