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    I know that there is an area for tutorials of all sorts, however i think the tutorial sector should be broken up into different areas, such as (these are just examples) :: programming, securing a network, hacking (as there are some in there on it) etc.

    It would just be easier to navagate through that section to find the information that you need.

    Thanks guys, i hope you all like the idea

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    Yeah, it no doubtedly would be easier to navigate thru, but if you do seperate the forum into sub-sections, you would need to filter thru all the already written tutes and decide where they should go. There is so many there, that this task would be very tedious. I would not want to be the person in charge of that nasty job.

    There is a Tutorial Forum Index post somewhere written by a very nice member. I think it's a sticky thread in the forum if you go, but not sure.

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