I wouldn't mind having a chance to sit down with these individuals and pick their brain. I'm sure I would want to beat in their thick skulls with a baseball bat when I'm finished, but I am confused on a few subjects.

It is legal to purchase a VHS/DVD and change $3.00 to anyone who would like to view it for a couple days, get the video back and repeat the process. (Blockbuster / West Coast Video)

How is this legal? The MPAA is not getting payment for every view, and if someone rents it, watches it once, and doesn't buy it. They are not making money. So what is the difference is someone downloads it once, views it for free (oh, my a rent one video free card) and deletes it? Another thing, yes I know it is illegal to record a mix track for a friend, but it happens every day. What is the difference is you record a mix track for a friend, or you download a couple tracks for your own mix track. The RIAA is out the purchase sales in either matter, but you don't see people getting busted for sharing a mix tape between friends.

How do you feel about the MPAA & RIAA fighting to get you technology taken away from you, because it does not benefit themselves. They fought for the longest time against recordable audio cassettes, does this mean you shouldn't have the right to record your bands practice session to review in discussion at a later time? What about VHS, should you not have the right to film your children’s birthday parties, because someone else may use their VHS to duplicate a copy of Zoolander (had to use a really lame movie). I understand that I would most likely feel the same way if I was in their shoes, but I don't believe I would try to pull the technology away from a consumer. I believe they have the right to protect their media in a way that would not restrict our access to it. We should have the right to transfer audio songs to MP3 without problems. I feel we should be able to back up any media we own for safe keeping. I believe we should be able to legally update the storage type of any media we purchase (i.e. VHS to DVD). I also feel it is their responsibility to provide services on the actually CD or DVD that would pursue a consumer to purchase the DVD or CD. How about that? If the mail in offer is worth while more people will purchase, if you have to mail in for added video footage DVDs fanatics will purchase the video for the extras. If you push movies and songs that are only going to be worth viewing once or only one good song on a CD, and punish people, because they don't want to give you their hard earned money for something that is not worth it. You are wrong. You cannot hack the feeling you get of checking out your favorite band live, but if your band does something amazingly incredible, that can not be duplicated. Does that mean, because you live in LA and cannot make it to NY you should not be allowed to view this event. If the band records the show, you are only going to get the highlights of certain shows, and that is it. I don't think video recording a show should be illegal. A (Video Galaxy / Movies and More) can purchase a video for $20. and make a $3 profit on anyone who views it. John Smith pays $125. to check out the show. Why should he be busted for selling a couple copies of his homemade video? What is John doing differently than (Video Time)? I can't rant and rave about this as much as I want, and I do not believe I am, I think I have some good points, I would love to hear answers to, and I can't. I do not believe the P2P Networks should be included in a bill, and I do not believe the MPAA or RIAA should have any say in how technology is used. What is your opinions on my thoughts, and am I wrong for thinking so?