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Thread: That stupid LoveLetter virus!!!

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    Angry That stupid LoveLetter virus!!!

    I use to download music and applications off KaZaA... I thought I had Norton AntiVirus 2002, But...lol I guess not. I started to see my music and stuff, that I downloaded, turn into VB Scripts. Then I saw the icons change to Visual Basic icons. Now I couldn't listen to music or use the apps I had downloaded. I got over that...But then it started infecting my JPEG's and stuff. Well it hasn't bothered me in a while cause I uninstalled KaZaA and installed iMesh (another file sharing program). Well before I installed it I got Norton AntiVirus 2002 and it picked up all the files then quarrenteened them. So I found out it was the "LoveLetter Virus". I was just wondering if anyone else has had it before and what you did...

    (Btw, sorry I spelt quarenteened wrong, the spellcheck wasn't workin' lol)
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    Well, from what I know, the virus is old, but can still be spread. As a matter of fact, JP did an appearance on ABC about it. It's on his personal website and is a good look. The video is great and shows ways of how people can track certain virii/worms. Btw, in JP's video, it's the I Love You virus. Im not sure if they are the same.

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    Thast why Programs like Kazaa can be dangerous witthout Anti Virus programs

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    Yeah, generally if I download off p2p programs, I scan my files that I downloaded for virii, worms, trojan, etc so I know I'm okay. I recommend the same for you for future reference.

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    Loveletter is one of the more common virii found on KaZaA and other file sharing progams. I have also ran into CIH (which was an infected crack), Sub7 server masqurading as a keygen, and Kriz.

    Back when I was repairing boxes, loveletter was acting as an MP3 file with .vbs appened to it, such as song.mp3.vbs. The best way to avoid these problems are to use the latest virus virus definitions, do not download files from file sharing apps or look at the file sizes... file sizes are usually a dead give away. That why it is so important to not to download anything under a meg (such as a keygens or cracks) because they are the ideal size for virii or trojans.

    Hope this helps

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