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Thread: Post count

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    Post count

    I previously made a couple posts, and when I signed on this morning. I noticed it says I have 0 posts. After this post it may say 1 Post.

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    Were the posts deleted?

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    Obviously something is wrong. Your pofile says you've had several posts... JP????

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    The post's were either deleted or it is actually a bug. Go to your profile and see your posts. If the thread was deleted as well, then that post in the thread would be deleted too.

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    There seems to be a bug in the post-count, indeed. Almost as if posts in certain forums don't count to the total ...
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    Here is the answer. I am assuming you posted a thread, that you decided you wanted to delete. You must becareful when you use the delete button. Once the delete button is pressed your thread has been deleted. If you accidently press the button more than once or get impatient and tap the button it will start deducting the number of total posts. I believe there is a problem with the configuration with the delete thread/post function.

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    That happened to some other newbies to. Check out PortSlice.. That's another example.

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    That is very weird indeed.

    He has posted a number of 10 times, yet it doesn't appear as if he deleted any of his posts. I just checked all of his posts, but they still exist...weird.

    Maybe this is a bug, unless i'm overlooking something.

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    Is there any way I can get this situation fixed? I don't recall how many posts I had, but it just seems wierd to start back at one.

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    Just wait for a wee bit, JP will notice it and take care of it

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