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Thread: Another reason....

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    Another reason....

    ...Why we should end the IRC channel split.

    This is my log from about 3 hours of IRC today....

    --> LiransCousin (cousin@anti-27F0FBB9.mbtlaw.com) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    --- LiransCousin is now known as Louie[real]
    --> jcdux (jamie@anti-274A5B38.gotadsl.co.uk) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    <AntiChat> [jcdux] Bleh, technicaldiscussions my ass.. jcdux is still lurking in #antionline
    --- AntiChat gives voice to jcdux
    --> LinuxB0t (eggy-drop@anti-274A5B38.gotadsl.co.uk) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    <-- LinuxB0t (eggy-drop@anti-274A5B38.gotadsl.co.uk) has left #TechnicalDiscussions
    <-- Louie[real] (cousin@anti-27F0FBB9.mbtlaw.com) has left #TechnicalDiscussions
    <-- errata has quit (Quit: )
    --> sector0 (neet@anti-3DA6364B.kingscredit.com) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    <-- ANTIhero (ch@2AA297CE.420DEDFE.53387E8A.IP) has left #TechnicalDiscussions
    <-- Juridian (Juridian@362C406E.1C2B83F7.5DA3AE90.IP) has left #TechnicalDiscussions
    --- chsh[BOFH] is now known as chsh[afk]
    --> BlAcK2OuT (Belgium@anti-AA71DC3.adsl.skynet.be) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    --> Shmoo (Shmoo@anti-257713FD.ipt.aol.com) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    <-- Shmoo (Shmoo@anti-257713FD.ipt.aol.com) has left #TechnicalDiscussions
    --- jcdux is now known as jcdux-afk
    --> souleman (myname@anti-25556180.sbbsnet.net) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    --> Juridian (Juridian@anti-20C21B16.wizards.com) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    --- AntiChat gives voice to Juridian
    --> Syini666 (syini666@anti-313B7BF9.d.shentel.net) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    --> Guest (ANTI@anti-1783530D.ipaper.com) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    <-- Guest has quit (Quit: Today is a good day to chat.)
    <-- FuZZYBMX (trillian@anti-2900E87B.mpowercom.net) has left #TechnicalDiscussions
    --> errata (blueflu@825E0D0.7235C074.5B7A25DF.IP) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    --> ZeroOne (Ville@anti-1951F52D.adsl.netsonic.fi) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    --> Guest (ANTI@anti-D045881.pppool.de) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    <-- sector0 has quit (Quit: )
    --> er0k (ANTI@anti-3E35CCD8.kingfisher.k12.ok.us) has joined #TechnicalDiscussions
    --- Guest is now known as cac
    The channel is barely used.....

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    I'm in full agreement to stop the channel split. I only go on General chat anyways and the split is really a pain in the a$$. Ya got my vote to get rid of it. /me thinks one channel is fine.

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