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Thread: university student need help

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    Unhappy university student need help

    Hello, I am using XP. I have a serious problem!!

    I installed my XP on D drive. and I formated C drive. because I am also studying to be MCSE, so I was using a trial verison of W2k Srv. which run out of time. so I deleted the partition for the c drive to reinstall my w2k srv so I can carry on study. But the problem is i lost the boot.ini for whatever file which was installed on c drive for the use for my XP.

    So I reinstall my XP to get access to it, When I reinstall XP. the installation warned me! There is already a "windows" folder in the existing partition. Please rename a different folder name. otherwise all the data on windows folder including my document will be erased.

    So I named the folder "window". after installation I realised I can no longer access my document, because I set the private folder option on. so unless I can logon in the original windows folder I cannot access the folder.

    Can anyone please help me. I really need to get into my document. I am current in my 2nd year of university. and all my course work to prepare for my final project are in my document.

    I am the administrator of my own computer is there anything I can do to access my document?

    Or disable the private folder?

    Please help =(

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    One thing I would recommend... when you install Windows XP over your current installation, choose the option to repair the current installation, rather than install a clean copy. Since it detects the Windows installation already, it should allow you to simply re-install Windows XP over your existing installation, retaining all of your documents, registry entries, settings, etc. I'm not sure what you can do now that you've installed two versions oF XP to the same drive, though... I don't know how well my solution will work... good luck.


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    The solutions suggested by avdven definitely works. Once i experienced this problem and selected 'Repair current Installation' and everything worked well including the software installed for XP.

    Regarding boot.ini file, Windows XP creates a file to detect the OS. Then XP will be your default OS.

    Have nice installation.

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    I have found that if you boot from the XP CD and choose the recovery counsel you can enter "fix boot" and "fix mbr". Once you reboot you will see the 2 XP installs, from there you can access your original install. Hope this helps.
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    Or you can always talk to one of your friends if he has winxp and have him copy the needed files for you, ini files are not that hard to make either, but, ofc, you'll need to know what it should say in it, btw, i doubt that the ini file is the only one missing, since autoexec.bat usually is in c:\
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