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    The investigation into the anthrax letters has
    an interesting twist:

    The official in charge of the FBI's anthrax probe was accused of misconduct and recommended for discipline for his role in a flawed review of the deadly Ruby Ridge standoff, but a Justice Department official later concluded that punishment was unwarranted, according to newly revealed information about the case.

    Maybe they should have put someone on the case who
    is less controversial. Will this investigation go astray?
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    Ok, we all know that there are many people that shouldn't be where they are but if you got connections you can't be touched like I've seen in the past. I think there will be more of this to come in the future, thanks to the people that bring it out and talk about everything (news). The anthrax deal will probably be lost in the mix of all the controversy that will come in the future.

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    Just as everyother time the spotlight is upon a government organization they will shift our attention to something else letting the truth burry itself. There are too many issuses that just seem to "disappear", it suprises me that we are still hearing about misappropriated federal computer systems.
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