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Thread: Symantec's Security Response mailer highlights

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    Symantec's Security Response mailer highlights

    I think Symantec runs one of the better security resource and AV advisory sites out there, and I wanted to give everyone a good introduction to what they offer on their website and through their security response newsletter. Below are some of the highlights of August 2002. If you'd like to subscribe, check out this link:


    You can also view many of the highlights online at:



    This month we have another collection of low profile worms. Peer-to-peer(P2P) worms appear to be on the increase but nothing is a high risk at the moment. W32.Kitro.A.Worm targets MSN Messenger and there are a few worms targeting the KaZaA network, such as W32.Shermnar.Worm and W32.HLLW.Kazmor. W32.HLLW.Yoohoo, another P2P worm targets KaZaA, Bearshare, Morpheus, and eDonkey2000.

    All of these worms/virii are fully explained in detail on at http://www.symantec.com/avcenter.

    There's also a new hole/exploit in the PHP parsing code for the multipart/form method for uploading. Here's the article:


    There's also a newly discovered buffer overflow in the Sun ONE (iPlanet) Web Server:


    That's most of the highlights from the email. Their Security Response section also has a few new articles on Microsoft's SQL server and the Microsoft Content Management Server.

    Symantec also has a security updates section for the latest patches on popular software, along with independent removal tools for many of the most troubling virii.

    There are many more resources available, too many to list here, but I hope I've given everyone a good introduction to a wonderful online resource. Forgive me if this was a bit random, my purpose for this kept expanding as I was writing.
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    I just recently switched back to Norton AntiVirus. I was having too many conflicts between McAfee VirusScan & McAfee Firewall. I'm not having as many problems w/ Norton AntiVirus and McAfee Firewall, but I think I'm going to find a better Firewall, and as for Symantec's security updates and notifications. I can't agree with you more. Lately they have been right on top of things.

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