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Thread: is linux better than mac?

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    is linux better than mac?

    i just wonder the other day, since mac is unix based, is it better than linux, which is claimed the best operating system ever.

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    well linux doesnt claim to be the best operating system ever.

    but mac is not unix based, OSX is unix based, thats the first thing, seccond thing is linux is based on UNIX technology as well, more like coded to work like unix really but still.

    different flavors of *nix are used for different kind of servers and different people prefer different things... BSD claims to be more secure then Linux, yet you can secure RedHat Linux pretty damn well that 99% of attacks wont find anything to even try.

    I personaly like my RedHat Linux and im going to stick with it for a while, ill probably run a BSD router or something just to mess with BSD alittle but Linux is my favorite... as far as mac goes i personally think they are overpriced, if macs cost the same amount as a PC i might consider them, but they dont, and PCs are also more flexible in my opinion.

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    I guess to answer that question, you have to ask whether or not you want to part ways with MAC's gui or not. Bottom line is this (and I wish Windows would do the same)... If you want the ease of use in a GUI form AND the stability/security (like that of the debian package), then OS-X is definately the way to go.

    I haven't played with OS-X very much because I've not had much time for it, but they definately have my respect for their improvements in regards to stepping up to the plate and using the open source community for their user's advantage.

    I wouldn't claim one to be "better" than the other. The determining factor, however is one of preference... And I do have to admit that Mac's GUI is pretty good... It's a LOT of package, but it's good nonetheless.

    Need a GUI, and are you familiar with the Mac systems? Get OS-X. Don't want a GUI, or want to experiment more with other stuff? Get *BSD* or Linux.

    I'm a BSD lover, but I have a lot of respect for a company that moves into the Open Source environment.

    Hope that helps

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    I wouldn't say Linux is better than OS X or OS X is better than Linux. It is a matter of preference. I know a few individuals that run yellow dog linux on their macs, because they love linux. It is all preference...

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    Linux is better than OSX why you might ask

    1. Linux is free
    2. Easy to find lots of free software
    3. Lots of customization
    4. Different distos to fit your needs
    5. OSX's has a neat looking GUI but it will bring older Macís to a crawl
    6. Linux runs great even on older systems
    7. You need a Mac for OSX

    A few draw backs to Linux
    1. Some hardware problems check to see if your hardware is compatible
    2. Not much in the way of games. But both OSX and Linux are both way behind windows when it comes to gaming.
    3. Thereís a learning curve

    OSX is kind of like the xp home of *inux. You have Ease of use vs. Customization. If you like to learn new things and tinker with your computer you should consider giving Linux a try.
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