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Thread: Who owns hypertext?

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    Who owns hypertext?

    Just as we were all focused on Microsoft's attempts
    to steal the Internet, another company was sneaking
    into court, asserting that it held a patent on hypertext,
    one of the main technologies making it all possible.

    U.S. federal Judge Colleen McMahon has dismissed a claim by British Telecom that it developed and holds a patent to the hyperlink technology used to whisk Web users from one site to another.

    According to court transcripts, the British telephone company believed that every single hyperlink used on every U.S. website was utilizing intellectual property the company patented in 1976 and should therefore be subject to a licensing fee.

    We are lucky that the judge realized how pathetic it was
    and threw out the case.
    I would have jailed them for contempt of court.
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    Coming from the UK, I know this company are heavily in debt, so IMO this was just an attempt to try and gain some money, in an attempt to dig themselves out of the hole that they are in
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    OMG that would of been the biggst internet downfall there is
    could u imagine having to pay to be able to put hypertext on your site???????

    haha, just rediculous

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    Rather than suing Prodigy, British Telecom should have sued the inventor of the Internet, Al Gore- haha.

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    That's correct it is all Al Gores fault .......nuff said LOL
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