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Thread: How to delete a route in Linux

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    How to delete a route in Linux

    The scenario is this:
    I got a network with 20 computers runnig Linux(Conectiva), but I can't get to ping to anyone of the computers from the server.
    I took a look at the routes and I think there's something wrong with them, but I'm not sure.
    I just want to know if that might be the problem, and if it is, how can I delete a route. I tried the command routedel, but it's not working.
    Could the routes be the problem, or what?
    thank u.
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    route [-v] [-A family] del [-net|-host] target [gw Gw]
    [netmask Nm] [metric N] [[dev] If]

    so you need to use the command
    route del

    like you add routes with route add

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    Well, it's hard to say with that little information. It could be the route but there are other possibilities as well.
    Tell us more about your configuration and messages you get when trying to ping another computer.

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