Hey all! This'll be the last time I'm visiting AO, so I thought I just post a goodbye thang. So here it goes:

Goodbye AO chat folk! You made AO worthwhile, which is approximately 1.5 years

Screw you flamers! YOU are the reason I left. The hate is channeled to the newbs that cussed me out in the slew of emails I recieved. If I'm such a newbie, lets talk the merits of SOCKS v5 and the "good 'ol times" of ipchains on linux. Oh wait, you don't know what I'm talking about. Such a shame.

I'm off to blacksun now, you'll probably find me yapping along there (eagerly awaiting all comers). Keep it real guys, don't let people tell you what to think. <insert "Thoughtless" by Korn here >

There is no white. There is no black. There is only gray. Live it.