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    Attention Elite Gamers

    If you are good enough, you can join the army
    and play computer games.

    Last month, the Army released its first official video game ever designed for civilians called "America's Army: Operations." Taking over two years and nearly $8 million to develop, the game is similar to popular first-person shooting games such as Doom, Quake and Counter-Strike.

    Anybody remember the movie "The Last Starfighter"?
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    I've played Army: Ops a few times. It's actually kinda fun, though they really needed some more levels. They've been releasing more levels every month or so (they just released a few more a few days ago), but they're still lacking on diversity. Also, the graphics aren't all that great...


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    I tried America's Army. I was able to complete the training missions, but at that time they had no functioning servers to play online. They saved all your information on thier server, so if I go back I should be able to play seeing I completed all their training missions. It was an akward game, but I wonder how their online version is. They say it is supposed to be as if your in the army. In the Air Force they were not as calm in directing us as this computer animated DS is..

    Originally posted here by avdven
    I've played Army: Ops a few times.
    Different Game AJ.

    America's Army is released at GoARMY.com or at your local recruiters office.

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    It's the same game, Fakeboy. (Sorry, should've been more specific). The complete title of the game is America's Army: Operations (at least it used to be... they may have changed it since then considering I only played it the first week it came out). The training was kinda boring... and then when I played some online games, I realized that it wasn't fun to play a game where the graphics weren't all that great. Plus, I didn't like the other players... they didn't seem enthusiastic about it.


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    Imho, As a regular player of America's Army. I thought it was a really good game. I like the graphics, it's on par with the first person shooter games of today. Since it's a really new game only two missions are worth playing, namely insurgent camp and pipeline, but it's nevertheless pretty good.

    I like the fact that you have to earn everything using your own skills before you get to another mission, or get certain items, such as: sniper rifle (you have to get 36 out of 40 in the rifle range).

    Some drawbacks include,using the gamespy network to be able to play with other players(the pop-up advertising each time is annoying) , and when you use sniper with bipod, the gun would still move up and down when you aim, isn't that what the bipod is for?

    Just my 0.02 cents.
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    I've never played the game but I've heard many good reviews. I feel that this is the best time to release the game especially after 9/11. I *think* the army might have spyware in their game [THINK - as in im not saying they do but perhaps they could've]. Asside from that it's a cool game and I hope to play it someday.

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    For a bit of humor, try finding Penny Arcade's army game comic. (The site is currently down, it seems.)

    That said, I wouldn't be surprised if more information than you think is being collected through the system.

    Now, is it just me, or does it seem odd that not-that-long-ago there was the whole "Oh, videogames are violent and evil and are teaching out kids to become psychopathic killers!" stuff which was reinforced by Columbine...

    And now we have the opposite message: "It's OKAY to blow people into tiny flying gibbage pieces!... As long as you have army uniforms on." I wonder how much overlap there is between the governmental figures which condemned fictional violence then, and approve of this game now.
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