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    c ya

    hey u guessed it another goodbye cruel antionline thread.u wanna hear me out ?
    so i have been guetting pissed of recently about the abuse i have gotten hear with negative AP
    and today i got the last neg i will ever care about.dont get me wrong this was the best site i ever did stumble across
    i learned shitloads of info hear and to that i thank all the AO members but sadly i must depart because a lot of ppl here are childish with there AP as i said today just knocked me over the edge i will include a screenshot of the neg i got u all can have a good ol chuckle over it so where to start saying goodbye?
    c ya jehnx
    cya preep
    cya problemchild
    cya sgear17
    cya remoteaccsess
    cya xmaddness
    and to any 1 i forget i apologize cya to all the good ppl here and on irc (quad u r hillarius )
    and JP the site is still an amazing place but itts clear some ppl dont want me here thanks to all and bye

    EDIT: lol i have never even used AOL how ironic

    P.S preep drop me an email
    By the sacred **** of the sacred psychedelic tibetan yeti ....We\'ll smoke the chinese out
    The 20th century pharoes have the slaves demanding work

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    Ahhh, me, another good bye thread because of AP's. prodikal, I thought you knew better than to do someting like this. I mean, when people say they are gonna leave, they almost always come back.

    The bottom line is, if you want to leave, leave! Don't post a thread about it.


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