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    Lightbulb Firewalls and Internet Security

    While surfing the Internet looking for security issues, I came across an e-book, or what you can regard as a tutorial.

    Its very helpful, although that is was published at 1994, it contains the basic informations to understand firewalls and also to build one.

    Firewalls and Internet Security: Repelling the Wily Hacker - William R. Cheswick and Steven M. Bellovin

    The chapters are; in PDF format:

    Part I Getting Started

    - Introduction
    - An Overview of TCP/IP

    Part II Building Your Own Firewall

    - Firewall Gateways
    - How to Build an Application-Level Gateway
    - Authentication
    - Gateway Tools
    - Traps, Lures, and Honey Pots
    - The Hacker's Workbench

    Part III A Look Back

    - Classes of Attacks
    - An Evening with Berferd
    - Where the Wild Things Are: A Look at the Logs

    Part IV Odds and Ends

    - Legal Considerations
    - Secure Communications over Insecure Networks
    - Where Do We Go from Here?


    - Useful Free Stuff
    - TCP and UDP Ports
    - Recommendations to Vendors

    List of Bombs

    I hope that you benifit from reading this, 'cause I am.
    \" ZxC 4 life! \"
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    Good read mrZxC, myself being a newbie I find this very informative. Thanx for the post.
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    Well, I was uptight to post such a thing, but in the sametime inspired by similar "link-based-tutorials". - PMed you an example

    Thanks again,
    \" ZxC 4 life! \"
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    anyway ,reading it was informative
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    Very useful.

    Thanks very much!
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    cool one.. this would help us newbie to understand more about securities and firewalls...
    but, does it include some definition of terms.... so that we can understand what is being discuss about?
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