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Thread: Proxy servers.

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    Proxy servers.

    Hey i found a list of proxy servers that are free to use and i was jsut wondering....

    When i configure my browser to use a proxy should it mask my real ip immediately.

    What i mean is, i will go under the setting and put in the ip and port number of the proxy server and then i will go to google and find a page that tells me my ip. No matter if i use the proxy or not it still gives me my real ip address.

    Even when i try winipcfg it tells me my real ip address. Does this mean that i am doing something wrong. I guess that is a dumb question...

    Im sorry i messed that up, i got the proxy to work err sort of.

    When i use a proxy i can online a search for my own ip using google and it will return the proxy ip address but when i do winipcfg i get my real ip address.

    Why is this? It seems that irc also still notices my real ip address. I have seen text on different ways to mask your ip address on irc but why wont a proxy server do the job?

    Thanks to anyone who replies
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    Lost idea


    I think you've got this misleading idea about a proxy server, and the way it works.

    Anyways, this is a clear definition of a proxy server, which I think might help you clear "the mud out of the water": http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com...212840,00.html

    Regarding your question about, using a proxy server during Internet surfing; Well I think that it might (I'm not sure, 'cause, I am a fan of a HTML-based chat, and when the operators over there ban someone for misbehaving, they use a command "/realip", to get the user real IP, and then ban him, and that works! Although that when logging to the chat you notice that its the proxy IP you are using) hide your IP.

    In IRC, you can use a proxy server to connect, and thatís by setting the IRC proxy settings. If you use mIRC, you can find the configuration settings under: File > Options > Connect > Firewall. This will mask your IP to the proxy server.

    Finally, why Winipcfg still shows your IP that is because it has nothing to do with a proxy server. In fact, it shows you your local configuration of your machine, and the IP assigned by the ISP-- When you get to read more about TCP/IP and proxies you would understand this principle.

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    mrZxC has covered all of the based there. Now I am going to send you in the right direction for what you need. I believe you are looking for an anonymous proxy server. And here is a good place to start....


    I hope this is what you are looking for.
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    And Shake, I'l like to mention you an excellent prog which has mentioned in AO many times, may be you know or not but "proxomitron" which you can use along with your proxy servers and tests. http://home.arcor.de/six/

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    Hey guys thank for all the replys!

    Ya i guess i was a little of on what to expect from a rpoxy server. I finally got it to work yesterday. Now im gonna check the links that you guys provided.

    To tell you the truth i really dont have a need for a proxy server( at least i dont think i do)
    I just wanted to know that i was able to make it work and find out a little more about my computer.

    thank again
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