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    Borland to wield tools against Microsoft

    It's about time, after years of abuse one of the best tool makers out here pre M$ invented nothing bought all the technology in their OS there was Borland pre 1996 company here all the old timers here will recall many of their great DOS tools. Anyway from what their release says and they are NOT known for VAPORWARE a tool I will look at very close. Read about it here http://msn-cnet.com.com/2100-1001-95...ase&subj=cn_fd
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    Just my personal opinion here that is based on what I perceive to be true. First, I am tickled sh*tless to read that Borland is coming back on the scene and giving people more of a choice when it comes to development tools. Anything that challenges the stranglehold that Redmond has on the market is welcome relief. However, anything .NET related concerns me, as I view it as a key element in M$'s strategy to change the software industry over to a paid (monthly or annually) service and relieve consumers of their freedom of choice. Yeah, I know it's touted as the next big thing, but .NET is nothing more than a model that generates more revenue stream and more control of the market for M$. Just my .02 worth.
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