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Thread: An AO sidebar.

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    An AO sidebar.

    I guess that a lot of AO members use Netscape/Mozilla as navigator. Those navigators have a sidebar feature used by some sites in order to display news (cnn.com) or to access quickly in their feature (google.com).

    I suggest to make an AO sidebar more useable than the ticker. With last posts (like the ticker, it would be possible to adapt it) and maybe (I said *maybe*) integrated features like new private messages and buddy list (but it would be more difficult to do it).
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    Hmm. With Opera I already have the ticker page set as a sidebar. (Anyone who has no idea what the ticker page is should click here.)

    I'd rather see the ticker with only a few changes... A 'refresh' button (clicking the "A" twice takes a bit of time for some reason, compared to a simple page refresh. Maybe it's just Opera's JS implementation)

    And maybe a few most-used link items, such as links to take you to your PM box, etc.
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    I do not think it is needed I have my link on a ling bar on top, bottom, or side that has a link to forums I go to and other **** like that so it is one click away.
    Ill THink of one when i get time.

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