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    Boot Record

    Hi everyone, I just recently picked up a decent older PC from a friend of mine and unfortunatly I cannot get it to boot up. It will begin its boot up sequence but then will stop and it will read..Searching for boot record on CD-rom. I attempted to get myself into the setup but I could not switch between options. I was given a system files CD as well. Any help would be greatly accepted, thank you.
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    To get into setup, the standard key may be any of the following: F1, F2, F10, Esc, or Del.

    Once you're in the BIOS set up, look at the bottom of the screen or the right hand pane to find out what buttons to press to move through the various windows and settings. Also, you may want to find out who the manufacturer of the motherboard is and download the manual from either the manufacturer's web site or www.motherboards.com Hope that helps you get started. Good luck.


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    you can get to the boot sequence in cmos? How have you tried to change it?

    on some you have to highlight the 1st boot device and hit enter for an options list. some allow you to move the device you want up the the position you need.

    what does this one look like?

    if you put a boot floopy in does that work after the cd fails?
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