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Thread: question about connecting to another PC over the internet

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    question about connecting to another PC over the internet

    okay, i have a cable modem, and i used to be able to get to the servers at work by typing the ip address and the share name. eg.. \\123.456.189.1\d$ (of course that's not the real ip address but you get the picture) for some reason it stopped letting me do that. I know the default share is the same, and everything, but my computer says "windows could not find the computer" or similar message.. any ideas?

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    well, if the IT staff at your office have any brains... they've firewalled the machines making it impossible to do such things.

    Of course a competent IT sttaff wouldn't have let that happen in the first place.

    you alo might want to check a few tcp/ip settings on either end as well... make sure that you have netbios over tcp/ip enabled...

    however you might want to mention the fact that the pcs can be accessed from the internet.

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