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Thread: Statute of Antipoint Limitations

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    Statute of Antipoint Limitations

    I would like to suggest that posts eventually become old enough that antipoints cannot be assigned to them. I just had the interesting experience of getting two antipoint assignments (probably one person) on a post over a year after I wrote it! It seems some other people were then also given negatives, and the thread committed suicide.

    It was this post in the "Ennis Wanted" thread. I'm just sort of pissed because I feel like I got neg-dumped by someone going through old posts, rather than getting AP feedback for a reason.

    I would also like to suggest that the Antipoint Center page shows the date when the antipoints were ASSIGNED, not just the date at which the post was made which the assignment was on.
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    Re: Statute of Antipoint Limitations

    Originally posted here by Terr
    I just had the interesting experience of getting two antipoint assignments (probably one person) on a post over a year after I wrote it!

    LOL.....Welcome to my world.

    You get my vote. Maybe a time limit of a month?

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    While agree with the content of your post and see how it would piss you off - a newcomer would get negged to death for suggesting the same and be seen as complaining about AP's - maybe this should be taken up with JP directly.

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    Heh...ironically...both you, Terr and ConfirmedKill, were negged...:P

    But yeh, do agree. that happened to me once aswell. Not that I care, but it can be an annoyance at times. Especially if you've matured your posts over the months/changed your viewpoint/or the APcomment was irrelant to what you posted (which really has nothing to do with dates and times).

    hrm... a month sounds good. Most threads are up and down in a day or so. Good ones a week...a month seems reasonable.
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    Originally posted here by [WebCarnage]
    Heh...ironically...both you, Terr and ConfirmedKill, were negged...:P


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    I'm going to give you some positive ap's for this in, oh, a year or so
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    terr- i absolutly agree
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    1 thing why the hell was that hidden GM
    terr i have got 3 2 were for the same post 1 from another post and they were all over a year old so im behind you all the way on this one and mabey the same with bumping up threads cause a lot of really old really usless threads are being bumped up.. or thats where your bump down button could come into play hehe

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    At least I am not the only one...

    Its an epedemic....

    Same thing only different...LOL
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    Good idea on limiting giving AP's after a month...
    I got 2 Neg's for my Roll call(12 mths old and also a joke) and Antionline Radio topic(also very very old)

    People are really getting Picky around here..

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