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Thread: Telnet Connectivity problems

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    Telnet Connectivity problems

    Hey guys.. i havent posted in a while.. I had a question that i believe will be simple for you to answer. I have not been able to connect to any remote machines lately using telnet or any other type of connection utility. I can not remember any recent changes to preferences or anything like that in the programs so pretty much i am going to need a broad answer. All devices using port 80 seem to be fine, but all other devices seem to not work.. I cannot even finger or tracert any boxes.. if you could help me out i would appreciate it thanks.

    EDIT: I am trying to connect to drill.hackerslab.org. I connect successfully from my friends comp but it times out on mine.. wtf :-\

    EDIT2: This is the error i get --> "Connecting To drill.hackerslab.org...Could not open connection to the host, on port 23.
    A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond." hope that info helps...
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    var_x : maybe your ISP no longer allows outgoing telnet traffic?

    ele5125: Not all machines which can be telnet'd to ping. Not all machines ping. Many web server don't these days. Ping is often seen as unnecessary and blocked by firewall policy.

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    Sounds to me like a firewall either on your end or on the remote end.

    When you traceroute out, do you get any hops before it stops working ? If so, does it stop working before, after, or at your ISP's boundary (whereever it is no longer your network but your ISP's). If it is at your boundary or before, check your own network. If it makes it out to your ISP, then it is probably the remote end.

    I am assuming by your message that you are able to get the web page through a browser, but not a telnet connection. If assumed incorrectly and you are not able to have any connectivity, then there could be alot of things that are wrong, but in that case start looking at your NIC setup (netmask, IP, default route), if all of that checks out, start looking upstream.

    Try another port like http with telnet, something like: telnet <host> 80

    If you get a connected message, then it is possible you are getting out. AT that point, try typing:

    GET / HTML/1.0

    (need to hit enter twice after typing that)

    If you get something back then you are getting out on port 80 and not port 23. At which point, it could still be a firewall on either end, at which point I would ask your network admin to get involved to eliminate your end.

    Hope that helps,

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