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Thread: Linux C++ Compiling

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    Linux C++ Compiling

    Hey all,

    I am starting to use C++, and i made a simple 'Hello World' program. I was wondering, were is a Linux C++ compiler to compile this file?


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    GCC comes with every Linux distro and includes a C++ compiler that I think should meet your needs. But then, I've never written a line of code in my life and don't know the first thing about C++, so I might be totally off base on what you need.
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    A great place to read up on this is the man pages.

    The gcc commpand that will compile your code is:

    gcc filename.c -o outputfilename

    This will invoke gcc, then to execute your new program:

    I hope this helps you!
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    The c++ commandline syntax for gcc is 'g++'. Try this: 'g++ filename.cpp -o outputfilename'. g++ calls gcc with flags to recognize c++ code.

    For larger projects with lots of source & header files I recommend qmake by trolltech (www.trolltech.com). It makes compiling easy.

    I've made a tutorial on qmake. Check out my homepage: http://home.no/adiv/beginqt.htm

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