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Thread: Life's wonderful suprises..

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    Unhappy Life after a layoff...

    I just got a wonderful suprises this morning. I got into work, started on this presentation I will be giving next month, and noticed it was time for my one on one meeting w/ management. I had a few things I wanted to bring up, but I didn't get a chance to. I went blank after [glowpurple]I was told that our department was going to have lay offs and I should be concerned[/glowpurple] . As someone new to the field and this being my first corporate job, I understand I start looking for another job, but what else should I do to prepair myself, and some kind words of encouragement would also be appreciated. I'm a wreck as it is.. For you who have been through this, can you offer knowledge, suggestions, anything?

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    I Live in CT and this is not good for me either. I hate to drop another bomb on you man but there just seems to be no work out there . I say start looking and good luck.

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    I was laid off from my job as a desk support engineer about four months ago. I had been with the company (large NE bank) for about three years and had worked my way up from a helpdesk position. I had the advantage of hearing about the possible lay-offs months in advance. What I did was polish the resume/interviewing skills, re-activate all my contacts and send out my resume to as many technical contracting agencies as possible. I am not sure what technical field you are in but contracting companies are a viable resource for the possibly soon to be laid off tech worker. It is different then being fulltime but contracting is not for everyone. It worked out great for me.
    My advice to you is keep working hard and focus on what you can control. Start looking on-line and send your resume to any technical contracting companies you know of. Try http://www.sapphire.com for one. I was contacted the day after I was laid off and started working again within two weeks. This job turned into a great situation. I was offered a fulltime job last week ! As they say one door closes another opens. Do not get yourself down if you get laid off. Plan ahead think about dusting off the suit and possibly getting a second job to help you out. Just keep working hard and something will turn up. From the quality of your posts on AO any firm would be lucky to have an employee of your caliber. Do not get down, get focused! Good luck.

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    Been there...Done that...

    Thats really messed up d00d, That happened to me just before Christmas the year before last. I was supposedly "promoted" to VP in a now defunct Corp. job I had landed, I thought the world and my life was really starting to take off. Then I came to work one day and a locksmith was changing the lock on my office and the main doors, my office was packed in boxes, including my personal stuff, and the Prez was on the lamb running from the State Attourney General...seems he did not do his paperwork right and they slapped him with a securities fraud suit... ( He deserved it too, later I found out he had absconded with $300,000.00 that he conned from a little grey haired old schoolteacher who had just lost her husband in an auto accident and was hospitalized from the same accident when he sucked her dry of her insurance settlement of her spouses death!!! )

    I really don't think this story will help you much, but wisdom tells me to tell you to forget that job and start looking for another.

    Good luck friend
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    I'm not sure if this would be the right movement, but I decided to get together with a close friend, and look into starting our own business. He currently holds a Network Admin job at the university, and I may soon be laid off. It sounds good w/ me having time, and him having money, but would this decision doom our friendship? If its an even effort, is my time worth his money?

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    aeallison - wow did you work for the same company I did? Sheesh your story mirrors mine to a T, except I was promoted to CTO. Our CFO was caught and has since been sentanced, but the CEO he was in cahoots with is still on the run with a lot of cash from the company.

    Anyway JB, it's not all doom and gloom out here. I went for a long time with no job after my last fiasco, but I decided on a major move and it's paid off. The east coast in general seems to be hit pretty hard in the tech sector. I moved out west and found a job in a couple of weeks of the move. The economy is a bit better out here, and there seems to be plenty of jobs to go around.

    I suggest polishing up the resume and start posting. Even if you don't get the axe it's still good practice. You get your name out there, start making contacts with various recruiters and HR folks and basically get practice for when the time really comes. Also, you never know when you will find your dream job this way... it might happen tomorrow

    Good luck, and keep us apraised of your situation.

    El Diablo

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    Bommer man! Good luck! :/
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    jb> You might hurt your friendship if you go into buisiness with your friend, but then again you might not, as for is your time worth his money? I'd say based on your other posts, it no doubt is. Whate ever your choice be it a friend or going out and finding a new job elsewhere I wish the best of luck.
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    I haven't been through this, Joey, but just wanted to say good luck to ya in finding another job or starting your own business. Hope things work out.

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    20 months and counting here...

    urgent meeting 90 minutes before the office opens is how they got my neck on the block. I wade my way through 2 hours of hell traffic, show up at he office and he hands me a folder and says "We have to let you go."..

    now this was with 0 warning, and 5 months after my original company was acquired... and 3 months after they laid me off, the whole deal went belly up and 200 people lost their jobs.

    ain't life grand??

    btw.. Anyone looking to hire a Network/System Administrator?

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