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Thread: Life's wonderful suprises..

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    Joey...for what its worth, my father was partners in business with his best friend for 40 years. They had a good understanding of whom was responsible for what, and conferred regularly on issues that were of major impotance. Their friendship grew stronger because of this arrangement, so don't be afraid to try if the 2 of you think you can make it work. All the best to you!
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    It is hard as hell to ge ta job right now. I have been looking for 2 months like mad and have a min wage job to hold me over till I can find something. So many peeps gett layed off and so few new jobs the few that do come up are filled fast and with some of the best (well the the best on paper)
    Ill THink of one when i get time.

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    sorry to read this . one advice: if you start your own business do it without a friend. it does not work !
    Belive me I know what I am talking about. I work for myself, no discussions , freedom, I am my own boss. !!
    greetings M.

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    since i have never had a job in the field of IT or whatever i cant give u any help on that but i can say hope u r job hunting goes well and best of luck to u in the future joey i hope everything turns good for you and all the peeps at AO that has had cut backs on the job front recently
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    Good luck joey.Sorry man.
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    hey Joey, Good luck man and we are all behind you on this. Keep your head up and keep on truckin man. I havent had this happen yet but just keep thinking positive.
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    JB, One thing I've noticed as a contractor for a large company: when permanent employees get laid off, more contractor positions open up. These huge companies still have to make money, and they have to do it more efficiently. That means contractors. They can get more of them for less, and they all do the same job. While it might mean a marginal cut in benefits (All I know is that the permanent employees get to use the gym and I don't ), contractors usually get paid at a very competative rate. One of the biggest things nowadays is the service management contract. A contractor company gets $X to perform the service Y. They can fill those positions however they see fit, and pay their employees however much they want. Some employees will come cheaper, some will cost more, but as long as the contractors produce results the contract stays in place. The contracting companies will usually fight to get you a good rate, though, because that means more overall money they'll get from the next contract renewal. I've been very pleased with my compensation package. You may want to look into some of the big contractor companies in your area. Here are just a few of the global ones:

    Huntley Associates
    iQuest Consultants

    Oh, and although I probably don't need to mention this, be sure to get your resume on Monster, Techies, and Dice. I've found that many of these sites are frequented by recruiters for contract companies.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Update: I have been polishing up my resume, it has been reactivated on Monster.Com. I sent out a couple electronic copies to a few local business. I contacted all my connections I made, and tried to see what is available out there. I also started the research and strategic decisions to attack this business I was talking about. We checked out the SBA and got a copy of their hand out that has everything we should know. We researched some open properties, decided what we need equipment wise, and found out we can lift off with under $20,000. Which I don't think is too bad for a new business. I will keep you all update with my ventures, and I would like to thank you all for you suggestions, comments, and compasion. (Don't think everything is good, I'm just trying to have a positive outlook)

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    I have to agree with Roswell. I don't know exactly what type of job you want but one area you shouldn't overlook is government contracting. With the "war on terrorism" going strong, a lot of jobs are available (especially if you have a security clearance or can obtain one). I personally work for a government contractor and I make good money, the benefits are good, and you don't necessarily have to live near a military base.

    A couple of sites to look at are and\Employment

    You may not find your dream job but in my humble opinion, a job is a job and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to take care of business.

    Good luck.
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    I keep asking if anybody wants to hitch to canada... I never seem to get any takers. We can start a kenuck IT company! It'll rule!

    Best of luck to you, Joey. Hopefully things will turn around after the war.
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