I was attempting to post to this thread: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=233965 in an honest reply to an honest post I thought was valid and was keeping an eye on, when lo and behold, I hit the submit button and it says I can't post to a thread thats closed...The da*n fuc**n thread went suicidal while I was typing. So, I will continue this thread here...

ReZpawner, I really have to argue with you a bit about your post:

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hmmm, dunno what your problem is, a swap file wich is 160-170megs isn't really that bad, i have one wich is 800megs permanently.
if you want to delete files you cannot delete in windows, you'll need to reboot in DOS
or, if you are running a windows os who cannot reboot in DOS normally, you'll need a boot disc, wich you prolly know how to make.
but, when you are in DOS, be careful about what you delete, or your comp may never boot normally again =]
also, for win98, a great tool to make it better is "winboost 98" where you can change mostly everything you want in windows. you can also tweak your comp with this program.
if you have any other questions, please pm them to me and i'll help you as good as i can.

I cannot belive how many retards there are in this world... to all you wannabe hackers:GET A LIFE YOU INBRED TWATS! (abusive, yes, i know, but that`s my opinion)
First off poor ol' hackmania is gonna get real confused with all of the "do it like this...No! do it like that stuff. He will learn how windows works a lot faster if he does not use some silly program like winboost98 that just does things to windows that anyone can do if they just spend a little time learning the windows OS, that program was written for "turnips" that either won't or don't want to learn how their box really works. And as for an 800mb swap file, that is really quite an overkill, seening that win98 does not even know how to manage that much memory in the first place. Anything more than twice your physical ram is a waste, and if you have 340mb or more of ram installed in your box the swap file is not even needed. My game machine is win98, I do not have a swap file because I have more than 340mb of ram installed and that box has been running without a reboot for over 2 months now and is still doing just fine. I took the time to learn how the registry works. Rewrote my registry file and streamlined it conciderably. now the system boots 10 times faster and my games don't crash... Sorry ReZpawner if I sound a bit blunt, but this is just MHO because it works for me.