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Thread: Bump Button Update

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    Bump Button Update

    I think it would be a good idea to but a time limit on a thread's bump post button. Say a month or so? Surely by then everyone who was gonna post something to that thread already has. It's one thing if some one has something worth adding to a thread but I don't see a need to be bumping threads just to be bumping threads... and people who do reply to old threads with something insignificant will probably cause the thread to go suicidal.

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    ......Prob'ly a good idea, we all usually check in to see what's happening at least every week or so......

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    Good idea
    On a side note(probably the wrong forum) how about if suicidal threads get pushed off the front page immediately?

    Perhaps not wrong forum after all. Hehe
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    I think thats a great suggestion from both R_A_ and Mahakaal. Both are great suggestion's I'd love to see made soon!

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    those are good ideas.. I'll give a "thumbs up" ..

    and to take that one step further. similar to what Terr suggested in this thread
    If someone does post to an old thread.. thereby bumping it up.. from some set time, like a few months... no antipoints are allowed to be assigned on the older posts..

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