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Thread: where is the longest thread ?

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    Question where is the longest thread ?

    ok.. flame or neg me if you must for bringing up a really lame topic.. I was really bored, ok ?

    I noticed that AO had this "The Worlds Longest Thread" found here in which JP closed it on the 56th page...

    but in no way did it ever come close to the one I found..
    and so if you're really bored, I challenge you to find one longer than this one..

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    There was "the worlds' longest thread" here a very long time ago, and I have no idea if JP kept it or not. In fact, I do not know if it was the same BB system. I will have to inquire, JP or old timers, do you remember the details of that thread?

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    albn: lol, yeh, he posted it in the original message. http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=136692

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    /me slaps myself with a very large trout...

    Sorry. bah!

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    The Ao Worlds Longest Thread was started by one Noble Hamlet simply to annoy serious Ao users. Believe this topic will do nothing but upset people! There are literally thousends of Longest Threads on the net.

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