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Thread: VISUAL BASIC help

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    I just started using the Visual Basic Editor Macro in Windows 98. Its not the full version though, just the macro. So, when I create a form (anyone know the default program used to open .frm?), I get a *.frm file and a *.frx file. My question is, how do I compile these two files into a standard EXE?

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    You need a VB compiler. There is more to an exe than just a .frm. You need mostly bas files etc. Read up on VB a bit more, then go and find VB 3.0 which can be downloaded for free. Try the stuff out on it, then if you like it by VB and make yer programs from there.

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    You need a compiler dude. I use VB 4.0 and VB CCE.

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    uh.. Showtime.. I'm not trying to sound like an ass but..

    the "AntiOnline Site Related / AntiOnline: How Do I? or What Is? "
    forum is for questions on how the AO forum works.

    this kind of disscussion would fit better under chit-chat

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    It sounds like U need to get some books on VB and get your self a real copy of VB 6.0 or better yet VB.net
    Ill THink of one when i get time.

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