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    How to configure proxy in IRC?

    this may sound annoying to all of u.. it is a stupid question but would help me alot if u could answer my questions..

    i have a hard time trying to connect to a proxy wich i found in some site.. it was said that it is free proxy...

    but the problem is i cant use it... in my irc status said " Firewall: Unable to find firewall address"

    what are these: Hostname:
    User ID:
    this can be found in MIRC software.. in Files, Options the proceed to firewall menu

    Hope you could help me out with this one

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    I guess it is the adress of your proxy, your are soppused to type there, and if it is free donīt enter anything in User ID/Password but do enter the port (guessing 6667 if it is open on the free proxy)... But remember this is just a guess!
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    im not totaly sure, but it sounds like the proxy maybe down. try using a socks proxy they tend to work better. some IRC networks will scann you for a proxy and not let you connect (like poor old newnet for example) but some dont care. i hope thats a little helpfull to yeah. and if you want proxy lists just look on google for free proxy lists, theres lots. enjoy!

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