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Thread: Best Anti-Virus

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    Question Best Anti-Virus

    Hi There I was wondering what u people thought was the best anti-virus
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    Sophos anti-virus as used by the British Government

    It's effective but stays out of the way and doesn't screw up your machine like 99% of others

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    slarty is right sophos is the best and pretty much the defacto av on the internet. i tryed to convince the mis director on this fact but we wound up getting norton for gateways and on each desktop, which im very sastisfied with.
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    My vote goes to avg.


    1. It's free
    2. good on memory
    3. has all the features that a good av program should have
    4. Never conflicted with other programs unlike mcafee
    5. It's free
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    I use a Combo of Panda & McAfee at work. I used to be a hard core McAfee User, and after the issues I have been having with their firewall & virus scan software I switched to Norton AntiVirus and the free version of OutPost. So out of the three I mentioned. I would suggest:

    1. Panda
    2. Norton
    3. McAfee

    I have some experience with InoculateIT, but I don't know where I would place that. Maybe a tie for third. These are just my opinions based on my expierence. Hope it helps.

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    I use norton on my windows comps and I love it, great support, good updates, and does not use a ton of system resorces.
    Ill THink of one when i get time.

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    I like F-Prot the best....

    out of all the antivirus programs I have tryed, but mind you I have only tryed Norton, Panda and F-Prot

    Im going to try some of the antivuse programs you ppl sugested.

    If someone is interested in trying F-Prot the DOS version is free for personal use at
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    I have used Norton Anti-Virus for about ten years, and has served me very well. I have also used Innocolate it, McAffee, and Panda, and I still like NAV best. Some will argue it's a memory hog, and takes over everything, but it works for me.

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    I have Norton, its alright, but quite annoting. For one Trojan, itll warn you too many times. Slow to startup, but definetely beats McAfee anyday.
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    i used to use InoculateIt but they sold out to eTrust. But they have been really good. It never let a virus through yet.
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