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    Hey all, Jason Copeland here. I was just wondering whether someone would like to assist in designing my company, PazderPro(gramming)'s website. If anyone is interested, we are looking for people who know PHP, CGI, ASP, and JavaScript to build our website. For more information or if you'd like to help, reply to this thread or PM me.
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    PM me Jason
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    Anyone else want to help design the site? I really need help with this. Thanks..
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    You know I'll help you out, Jason. Just let me know what you'd like help with and I'm there.
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    JC take G.G up on her offer have u seen her website ? her grafix kickass what programme do u use for grafix G.G? just wondering
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    PSP, but I just converted to Photoshop as my main program of choice.
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    I will definitely take GG... atleast on her offer. Lol... I'm going to be planning the content for now.
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