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Thread: GRC How reliable?

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    Question GRC How reliable?

    Since being a newbie to the entire security thing, I just tried the GRC 'Shields Up' service on my IP. I would love to hear whether this is enough to trust or is there other ways to test. I am running NT4.0 server and even though I keep up with the updates, I am wondering whether this OS is too old to be safe. Any help/comments would be appreciated. Thanx

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    This post is on the frontpage, I'll post the link in case you havent seen it
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    Steve Gibson (Gibson Reasearch) is pretty well versed in the security world. I've sworn by his site for a few years now and he's never let me down before. There's also another site you could check out that might be helpful to you as far as information goes. This is a site I stumbled across while looking for a good trace utility a few years ago. Download his trace.bat application, it's very simple but extremely helpful for helping you determine what connections you show in netstat that you don't recognize.


    Hope this helps you somehow
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    test www.pcflank.com
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    Another really good scan site would be Sygate it has a lot of indepth tests like Quick Scan, Stealth Scan, Trojan Scan, TCP,UDP,and ICMP. The only down side is that the more thorough tests like the UDP and TCP take a lot longer to run, but thats the offset for being a better test I guess.
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    i guess i might as well put on my neg hat for the whole week.

    instead of flaming mr gibson and his ***cough*** efforts ***cough***, i'll leave it at this:

    take it for what it's worth. if you read his site, agree with what he says with both technical and logical accuracy then place value in his offerings...but do your own research to formulate an opinon of control before placing absolute faith in what someone claims to be truthful.

    with regard to the maturity or extinction of your choice in OS. i'd say that it's still more a matter of configuration than obsoletion. you can still cover the 99% gap with NT (which is the same of virtually any mature OS on the market)...but the day will come when that is no longer the case - if a migration begins to make more and more sense, then plan in advance rather than getting to that point. <opinion>from a performance standpointe, i've found that 2k blows NT4 out of the water - but there is a moderate learning curve with regard to hardening a 2k environment.</opinion> I compare to 2k for two reasons: XP still has not matured, and it's likely that 2k will retain support for several years to come. It's drawn too much market (especially from the corporate sector), to be abandoned or to force migrations any time soon.

    as opposed to what equates to reversed port scanning, you might also invest some time into more interogative scanning utilities such as:

    - iss
    - nessus
    - typhoon ii (my personal fav)
    - mbsa

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