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Thread: Is LophtCrack SMP (dual processor) enabled?

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    Is LophtCrack SMP (dual processor) enabled?

    Hey guys,

    For those of us that like to crack passwords, just wondering what software application out there takes advantage of a dual processor (or better) systems? What multithreaded password cracking programs are available?

    For whatever reason i always though L0phtCrack was, but i'm not certain.


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    That should be an easy test... I think...
    If you're using NT, 2k or XP,
    run l0pht without any other programs running and pull up task manager.

    Check to see if both of the CPUs are being utilized.

    I use this program to audit my users passwords but only with a single 1.9 ghz processor.
    I will usually just start it before I leave for the night so I won't need access to my pc.

    I used to use a dual 450mhz machine and if I remember correcly, it does utilize both processors.


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