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    The media, which spent much of the evening reporting that only a few hundred protesters were in attendance, must be browbeaten into reporting the facts from both sides - from the police, who reportedly detained people like the woman in the picture "for their own safety," and from the protesters who took a savage beating for daring to stand against Mr. Bush.

    Hahaha...hrm... you've gotta be kiddin' me. The lady in the picture, honestly looks old enough to be my grandmother, now, if these were the people that the police were spraying with pepper-spray, shooting with rubber bullets, and beat down with a billy club, then I believe more and more of these "anti-Bush" protests (for this was one, correct?) will spring up. We're heading in the wrong direction if this is how the US "controls" peaceful rallying and protesting.

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    Originally posted here by [WebCarnage]
    then I believe more and more of these "anti-Bush" protests (for this was one, correct?) will spring up.

    That's right. The pic was taken in the streets of Portland, Oregon, 2nd of August, 2002. Here's a small "c n p" describing the protest/ protestors....

    Thousands of peaceful protesters had descended upon the Hilton Hotel where Mr. Bush was attending a political fundraiser for Senator Gordon Smith. They held signs reading, "Drop Bush, not Bombs," and other similar slogans. Among the protesters were pregnant women, parents with infants and small children, elderly citizens, and citizens in wheelchairs.

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    "and anarchists are smart enough to leave their children at home if there is a riot in the offing."

    Something about this comment and the fact that those protestors actually brought their children is both sad and strongly amusing to me.........
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    Its just disturbing that the police think its necessary to have three officers in riot gear to control a old women. If thats the way the government is responding to peaceful assemblies, then I'd imagine they would call in the National Guard for the Million Mom March.
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    don't forget you are seeing only one side of this story, and that is from a decidedly questionable source that purports itself to be a "conspiracy" website. just the name alone should make one question the veracity of their story.

    Remember, there are always 3 sides to a story like this. The websites side, the police side, and the truth. The truth is most likely between the two extremes.

    As for the fact that she is "old" and a lady, that DOESN'T mean she was not violent, a threat, or constituted a threat to attendees. Take anything you find on the web, including my comments, with a grain of salt and a couple of minutes of thought.

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    There are just my opinions based on what I know about what happened from both the news and from friends who were in the area that day.

    If the protesters had not crossed the police barricade that was set up to protect the president and they had not started vandelizing buildings, none of this would have happened. The job of the PPB is to protect people and their property, they also had a special job that day of protecting the president. When the protesters crossed the barricades and started destroying property they interfered with that job and they needed to be removed. Also, Portland rioters have a long history of causing millions of dollars in damage. I'm sure most of the people that live in the area remember the May Day riots a few years ago, the New Year's Eve riot two years ago, as well as a handful of other smaller riots in the past couple of years and the cleanup bills that the taxpayers had. It seems for how "peace loving" some of these people are, they sure do enjoy causing trouble and destroying property.

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    DONAHUE : You were there, and you’re saying that nobody intended any violence at all, that you wanted to convey your displeasure to the president near his hotel. And then do I understand you to say that the police-the police had you isolated, did they not?
    PREUCIL : The president of the United States is not doing very well, as far as being accountable to the people, so there was essentially “no protest” zone, so Bush couldn’t actually see the people who were protesting his administration. And the police insisted on pushing that “no protest” zone back, making it bigger and bigger, without really warning the crowd. And instead of announcing to the crowd to move back in a way that was audible, just unleashing pepper spray onto, you know, 12 people or more at a time. It was very inappropriate.
    Full transcript http://www.msnbc.com/news/799309.asp
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    That made some news here in Finland too, btw was anyone of
    you or anyone you know there?

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