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    You know, this wouldn't even be an issue if people would just pay closer attention
    Yeah. And if a frog had wings......

    I've been following the discussion in that thread, and I agree. The thing is, this would also take care of the AP problem, since you can't assign APs to a thread that is closed. I really think closing the threads after X amount of time is the solution to all of this crap we've been seeing.

    [EDIT] I'm not so sure that people paying attention would fix it, even. What I posted in my screenshots above isn't an accident from a newbie. It's outright abuse of the system. Whoever did that knew exactly what they were doing. The user I suspect of doing it has been banned now, but it's not just newbies I'm thinking about here. It's the abusers as well.
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    The way I see it, the issue isn't people bumping up really old threads... That's why there IS the bump feature. The issue is someone bumping up a whole BUNCH of old threads for reasons unrelated the the merit of the threads.

    Now what is the motive? Perhaps to get another round of spectator-AP-assigning, for threads with really controversial or great posts. Do you think that if there was an AP Statute Limit (heretofore APSL) that many seeming weird-bump-sprees would stop, or do you guys think there are other motives at work besides wanting the discussion reopened for it's own sake?
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    Well....Terr(BTW I totally agree with you about the APSL thing), someone also might bump threads up in the hope the thread poster or someone else might get negs for their views...JMHO
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    I agree that the motive was probably AP related. All the threads except one were started by the same user who, at that time, had 2 red dots when I checked his profile. So yes, I'm sure he was trolling for greenies. What he got instead was banned.

    I'm not sure that removing the ability to assign points would eliminate the problem, but I'm sure it would reduce it at least. A lot of users might bump their threads trolling for points without knowing that they can't get any. Heck.... we can't even get some people to read the FAQ enough to even know what APs ARE.

    But there are other kinds of bumps that are problematic. In the last week or so, we've had 1 newbie who's been responding to everything in sight with what amounts to "me too" posts. I won't mention the user's name because I don't want to embarrass anybody, but I'm sure we've all seen it. I've negged this user a couple of times about this, but the message doesn't seem to be getting through.

    The thing is, closing the threads IS an APSL. It will take care of that problem and then a couple of more. Why fix just one problem when you can kill 2 birds with one stone?

    Basically, is there any reason NOT to close the threads after a month?

    [EDIT] A couple of things I've noticed since I started thinking about bumps:

    1) You do not have to be a participant to bump a thread. At least *I* don't. I bumped a thread I haven't posted in just to see if I could, and sure enough, it went straight to the top.

    2) I've read somewhere on here that there was a limit of 1 bump every 5 hours, but this also is not the case. I suggest enforcing it at 12 hours instead of 5.

    3) The posts should say someplace who bumped it last.
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