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Thread: Hackers rub MP3s in RIAA's face

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    Hackers rub MP3s in RIAA's face

    Looking to snag a free copy of your favorite tune? For a few hours Wednesday morning, you might have been able to download a copy directly from the Recording Industry Association of America's website.
    The association, a vocal opponent of music file trading, became an unwitting repository of music files when its site was altered by unknown attackers.
    An RIAA spokeswoman would only confirm that the site was experiencing problems, was being fixed, and would be back up shortly.
    According to reports from those who gained access before the site was taken offline mid-morning, the site briefly housed a dozen downloadable, pirated MP3 files.
    Attackers replaced some of the site's home-page text with rhetoric promoting music and video file trading.
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    An amusing read. However, his doesn't do any good to help people along with their battles to ensure their ability to continue with file sharing. Actions like that will unfortunately make the battle against file sharing flare dramatically. They don't like the idea that they are milking consumers for everything they're worth and the consumers have found ways around shelling out all their cash, legal or not. This kind of thing will not help the consumers at all. As good as it may feel to have realiated, it will harm us in the end.
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    Funny, but ultimately damaging to the cause. All this does is give Rosen ammo to call any P2P'er a serious threat to the sanctity of the internet, since the incident will prove (in her mind) that P2Pers are nothing but miscreants, thieves, and vandals.
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    I don't see how the RIAA could be bigger jackasses at this point
    I agree with the principles of (not) file sharing but they are out of control. Especially all the bills and counter-measures they are working on...I am all for the people that hacked their site

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