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Thread: The latest sick outrage

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    The latest sick outrage

    “He said he had been smoking marijuana during the day and also drinking some Bacardi,” Heflin said. Heflin also said Kirby snapped during the interview and told him he couldn’t remember some things.
    Blaming the demon rum.

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    Castrate that sick bastard before some lame-assed court lets him off on a procedural mis-step and he does it again.
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    That is the SICKEST outrage, to rape a 2 year old. That is EXTREMELY sad and they guy should be more than castrated. The court should definitely NOT let him go and sentence him to (imho) LIFE. What a sick basterd..

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    Ugh. What kind of sick freaks are we living with today. He should be shot.
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    Uraloony, I agree. IMHO, he should be shot right in court. Probably by the mother of the baby. Heh, I forgot, we're not in my world. /me sighs

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    rcgreen > I heard about that on the radio a while back (I live in strasburg actually) But I hadnt heard anymore about it. Thanks for the update on it, and I hope they send the sick bastard to the darkest part of the prison system, where the inmates will deal with him in their own special ways.
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    Now this is just my opinion, but :

    Being shot puts this guy out of his misery. Being killed in any fashion is too good for this guy.. As a revamped idea on how this kind of thing should be handled, send 'em down to antarctica, strip him naked, hose 'em down once, clothe him and rewarm him and repeat. Make the SOB suffer for the rest of his life. When frostbite starts making his bits turn purple and the extreme agony strikes, he will slowly watch his own flesh die upon him. This in it's own right may be too good for him even still as he will likely die and he will know that.
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    chefer is right on the money. This guy doesn't *deserve* the death penalty. Life without any chance of parole in some hardcore prison is what he should get. Just my opinion.

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    I also agree with chefer, this guy should not be executed, he should never see the light of day, and his life should be prolonged by any scientific means possible in order to increase his suffering. But, who am I to judge? If I were the one to judge all things judged, this would be a much better world to live on, and a much better life to have lived.
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    This guy should be beaten with a stick untill his lungs were showing! I can´t stand these disgusting stinking mentally sick vaulmating lame braindead damned pedos! If I ever get my hands on one....... >
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