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Thread: small business consultanting suggestions

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    small business consultanting suggestions

    Hello I am new to Antionline, I am looking for a new direction for networking. I have heard of Unix and SQL, Enterprise, etc. I just want to know what IT courses are on the rise and will be here for the next couple of years. I have heard that Novell is on the way out and any knowledge of Unix, SQL, or Cisco is the way to go for the next couple of years. Any help would be great. It seems since the end of the dotcoms I was wondering what a good career would be in since everyone is downsizing. I live in a small town and am looking for a more service oriented type business. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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    You are well informed, I am also studying for these things, probably not for the same reasons you have as I am already employed at an ISP in the rural midwest, I am doing it because I need to know how to use these resources to their best advantage. Good luck, and I hope you get the information you need. Keep reading the posts here, and if you have any questions of a technical/hardware nature feel free to PM me and I will do the best I can to help.
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