Ok. I got the game Operation FlashPoint about a year ago and I was wondering about the fade features in the game and how it works. I checked it out and it says that it wears out the quality of the game everytime someone tries burning it. I also have problems with it. When I put the disk in it's tray I sometimes need to re-open the CD-Drive because the first scan doesn't open the AUTO.EXE on its first scan. If I just hit the icon rather than wait for the AUTO.EXE to load the program it says there isn't a disk in the tray and it stays that way intil I re-install the program. My CD-Drive is working fine with other programs except this one and since this is the only thing I own with a Fade Feature then I can only assume that this may be to blame. I beleave that this 'Fade"feature' has code at the begining of the disk that messes up the scan when disk try copying it and I think this may be what is causeing the problems when I try loading the game. I heard sony made disk like this is it the same thing?