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Thread: a nice little flash scientific calculator

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    a nice little flash scientific calculator

    this isn't too astounding. nor is it much of a web development topic but I thought it'd fit
    better here than if I put it in chit-chat or tech humor..

    Tavi Halmaghi's calculator 90k (zipped=33.5k)

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    It's got nice interface, but not really "scientific" though.

    I always do these tests to any calculator who claims itself scientific.

    A. [1] [/] [3][*] [3] (that is 1 divided by 3 times 3)
       Windows calculator -> 1
       Tavi's calculator -> 1
    B. [2] [x^y] [0.5] [x^y] [2], or [2] [Sqr] [X^2] (that is square root of 2 powers 2)
       Windows calculator -> 2
       Tavi's calculator -> 2.00000000000002
    C. [Deg] [90] Sin (that is sinus of 90 degrees)
       Windows calculator -> 1
       Tavi's calculator -> 1.00000000000002
    Hey, why don't you all try those on other calculators (either S/W or H/W) you know, and let us know the results...

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