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    here it is


    im not trying to tell people that they should have this AV or there not protected.
    all it did is explain why i tought these were the best. i listed several saying that they were good.
    however i said in my own opinion that nortans was useless.
    i explained why that was informativly and i appolagised for the sheep coment.

    no where in that am i telling people what is without question better than another
    in fact i suggested that people should explore all the good av's before making up there mind.

    and sorry for posting in a old one, my mistake i 2 posts open at the same time and posted in the wrong one when i meant to go back and not post in the old one.

    so all i suggest is that you try out the av's i listed as i think some of you out there might like them.
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    I am my own AV software. Sometimes I infect myself with a virus when I'm bored just to see how it propogates. I still havn't found one that has completely hid from me.

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