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    Windows 2k Professional Print Queues

    Where does windows place print queues?
    Can they be moved, say from c: to d:?

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    How to change print spool location can be viewed here: http://support.microsoft.com/default...n-us;q323228#6

    Hope this helps you out a bit.

    PS: The defualt location for the spooler is:

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    Thanks Sgt_B

    Should have pointed out this is not the server version. Just W2K for the desk top.

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    You pointed that out in your subject!
    I believe this applies to both server and professional. Although the Microsoft page says its for Server and Advanced Server only. I just tried it on my win2k pro machine, and it had the spool lcation in the same spot as win2k server.

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    Sgt you got it!!!!


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