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    Library internet "access"

    Hi. I am currently living in a van down by the river (seriously!) and don't have access to my own PC. I have been using the one at the local public library. They are running Win NT and have intellimouse activated for right click supression. I'm trying to use AIM and I know it's on the computer but the link is broken and I can't get into the start menu or right click the icon to fix the link. Is there any way around this? I tried AIM express but the java applet freezes before it finishes loading. All I can tell so far it that the terminals are slow Gateways (200-300Mhz w/ 32-64 RAM) running Windows NT. The librarians don't know **** about computers and are no help. I would appreciate the help. I miss my computer more than "I miss having a home to have one in if i did have one on"! Thanks for the help.

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    Ummm, I am surprised to see the Library allows IM's to be installed. Anyway, the program could have been uninstalled and the shortcut is remaining. Or the program was moved elsewhere. Either way, you can see if you can find aim.exe or equiv (if the search feature is there). The right-click disabling is interesting... is the mouse broken, or do they just not allow it?

    Also, did you install AIM, or did the Library?

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    It sounds like they installed an NT policy on the machines there -- would explain the lack of a right-click feature. And numb's probably right -- the program was uninstalled most likely, but the shortcut remains. I'd leave well enough alone, as if it is a policy, as I suspect, there isn't an (easy) way around it.
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