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Thread: Booted!

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    My mate had a row with his dad the other day, and now keeps geting booted from the win mx file share prog. How can he prevent this... and dont say by not pissing people off, as that's what I told him already!

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Um, will please reiterate how you or your friend(s) got "booted." Do you mean booted from a download, or booted from the client itself as in disconnected or does the program shut down altogether?


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    does your "friend" get through the POST process? *hehe

    suggest changing to a diff name.
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    The reason he gets booted can be many reasons.

    [list=1][*]If he is a highspeed user, and has a static ip, someone got his ip and is flooding it with garbage and tieing up his bandwidth. aka DoS (Denial of Service) The best way to prevent this is to have your friend renew his ip and get a different one.
    [*]The client he is using has a vulnerability in it that is being exploited. The best way to prevent this is to see if there is an updated client program that has this vulnerability patched.[/list=1]

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    cant help ya but im sure one of these nice people here will...

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